Monday, February 10, 2003

I am interested in knowing the details of this case.

" Ronnie Gayle Perkins, 58, of 120 Hiawatha Trail, was charged with dealing in firearms without a license, possessing semiautomatic assault weapons, furnishing false identification to a firearms dealer and possessing unregistered firearms.
The warrant states that illegal guns can be found at Delta Gun Sales on 514 Mockingbird Lane. The address for Perkins’ business is 514 North Broadway. Another error in the legal document states that the warrant is to be served in “Georgetown, Clark County.”
'I’ve got the Constitution on my side, if that means anything anymore,' Perkins said. Perkins, who says he cannot afford an attorney at this time, plans to fight the battle as much as possible. ‘I have my mouth and my intellect,” he said. “And if there’s any justice at all, I’ll have a chance to use them.' ”

Now I do not put that much weight in indictments. Aside from that whole innocent 'till proven guilty" thing I know D.A.'s who brag that they could indict a ham sandwich.
But it would be interesting to find out exactly what happened.

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