Monday, February 10, 2003

NRAWOL. A very interesting site that deals with the NRA, it's history & objectives.
If you get the feeling that i don't like the NRA, you're right. But understand that my dislike for that particular group is not fueled by a dislike of firearms or the second amendment. To the contrary, it is because I am pro-gun that I find much of what the NRA has done or attempts to do offensive.

As explained on the 'our mission' link at NRAWOL:

"NRAwol was created as a clearing house for information on the NRA, only from a pro-gun point of view. If we can expose the NRA's compromises on a daily basis, and compile them all right here, the NRA may have to re-think their terrible political strategy.
Never has a web site so accurately assessed the NRA and its tactics.
This web site does not seek to denigrate the good members of the NRA, but instead to inform them about what their organization is really doing.
This site will continue to add information regarding the NRA's support of gun control measures as we verify and process the information."

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