Saturday, February 15, 2003

The TSA is attempting to make the rules so complex that no pilot will want to be armed. & according to this article in the Washington Post, some pilots are opposed to that kind of treatment.

"Price's group objected to some of the language in a draft of the TSA's guidelines for arming the pilots. According to the draft provided to The Washington Post by the group, pilots had to "have the requisite mental, psychological and cognitive abilities as well as the discipline and judgment" to possess the firearms. The pilots also must "conduct themselves with maximum regard for the safety and security of the traveling public, crew" and federal air marshals.

'Our position is if you don't have those traits in abundance already, you have no business being an airline pilot,' Price said. "

& this is from GOA on the same issue.

Let's think for a minute shall we? If a pilot was disturbed & wanted to kill himself & a bunch of other people a gun wouldn't be neccesary: all he'd have to do is lean. & $500,000 to train 50 pilots? Are they teaching them to catch bullets with their teeth?
How about this: let the pilot buy his own gun, give him a map of places to try to avoid shooting, & then give him a $50 a year ammo allowance. & while we're at it, let's not foget that the passengers should be armed as well. Someone could get hurt you say? The government denied people their right to self defense & the tools neccesary to excercise that right by disarming all the passngers they could on 9-11-01. Because of the government denying their right, we had 3,000 dead. Now if a plane is hijacked, it'll be shot down. I'd rather take my chances than rely on anymore government "help". The worst case scenario with armed passengers seems a whole lot better than the worse case scenario w/o armed passengers.
But the truth is the feds won't admit that we have the right to carry when we fly. They don't like admitting we have the right to carry when we just stay at home.
So untill all the people, not just the pilots, are respected in their right to self defense, I'm driving everyplace I can. If I can't drive then I guess I'll sit around here & catch up on my blogging.

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