Thursday, May 29, 2003

Another newcomer to the Wide World of Blogging is Annika. There are two posts in particular I feel I should direct ya'll to. The first deals with Hitler's chemical weapons & makes some interesting observations.

"Beevor does not address the use of gas in concentration camps. I'm not aware of the history regarding what was found at the camps, but i'm sure somebody was able to document the use of chemical agents there. That said, the point i'm making is this: Spandau Citadel was the Nazi chemical weapons lab, and they were able to clean it up in time to prevent the Russians from finding anything. You do the math. It's not hard to destroy the evidence."

The other post I'd like to point out is about the MaschinenGewehr-42.

"The Russians nicknamed this devastating weapon the "Hitler Saw." It fired at an astounding rate of 1,550 rounds per minute. That's about 12 or 13 rounds every half second. i have looked, but i do not know of any other machine gun of it's day that fired that rapidly. Those who heard it shoot said it sounded "like linoleum tearing."
No one ever held the trigger down for a full minute on one of these things. The barrel would have melted. Also, each belt had only 50 rounds. Like all air-cooled machine guns, the MG-42 was meant to be fired in short bursts. But anyone who wandered in front of this gun quickly learned to respect and fear it, assuming they survived the experience."

No, she won't tell you in depth about how to build one from scrap metal. But it's an interesting discussion of some of the merits of the MG-42 & it's place in history. This is most impressive, not because Annika is a lady as there are many women who are more proficient & knowledgable about Arms than I am. No, it's impressive because this is coming from sole female conservative Republican residing in the Bay area. Apparently resistance is not futile. & with any luck, we can swing her over to some good old fashioned libertarian ideas. After all, anyone in the Bay area who posts about the good qualities of a belt fed machine gun - hell, anyone from the Bay area who does not use the word 'ban' automatically after speaking of machine guns - has potential.

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