Thursday, May 29, 2003

Via Kim du Toit & The Smallest Minority I was directed to this piece over at Samizdata. It's an analysis of the EU's strategy.

"A Guide to Marxist Subversion as supplied by a former marxist. As weapons in the armoury of liberty go, this has to rank as one of the sharpest. I defy anyone to read through this without experiencing the hackle-raising chill of eerie recognition in the universal policies of modern Social Democrats and I know that I was far from the only one who saw the handprints of Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci all over them.
Well, we may have been right. Andy Duncan has set out and codified in the enemies battleplan in all its gory detail and we must thank him. Knowing how the enemy intends to wage war is essential to defeating them."

When you go there & read the list, please not some parallels between what they are attempting to do in Europe & what they have been doing here.

The Smallest Minority has posted a visual representation of what the EU aspires to be.

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