Monday, May 26, 2003

U.S. tells Iraqi's to disarm by mid-June.

"No one in Iraq, unless authorized, may possess, conceal, hide or bury these weapons," the United States said. "No one can trade, sell, barter, give or exchange automatic or heavy weapons with or to any person who is not an authorized representative of coalition forces.'
During a 14-day amnesty period that begins June 1, Iraqis will be permitted to turn in unauthorized weapons at "weapons-control points" throughout the country."

The U.S. is graciously allowing semi-automatic & manually operated weapons to be kept in homes & businesses, but public use is prohibited. & A Kurdish militia will be allowed ot keep some of their weapons, but it hasn't been decided yet what exactly they may keep.
The Iraqi's will be provided clear bags into which they must place the unloaded, disassembled weapons & walk slowly to the 'weapons-control point'. They will only be taking weapons during the day. The weapons will then either be destroyed or redistributed among Iraqi police & military forces.

"The intent is not to completely disarm the Iraqi population of all weapons. That is neither practical nor necessary," McKiernan said Friday."

Nope, it is not necessary to completely disarm the entire populace. In fact there were many Germans who possessed hunting rifles during WW2. There were many Russians who possessed hunting weapons during Stalin's purges. You don't have to completely disarm a population. Disarming them of any weapons that are comparable to what the government issues its troops though is necessary.

I am not implying that the U.S. is about to launch mass murder in Iraq. I am stating that the U.S. is making it easier for anyone who later decides to try their hand at mass murder in Iraq. & of the most immediate concern is that U.S. soldiers are learning effective techniques for disarming civilians.

"Owning a firearm is a matter of pride and a sign of manhood to many Iraqi men, especially in rural areas where tribalism and traditional values endure."

It's a matter of pride in many places within the U.S. as well. But government's are not concerned with pride or dignity or even Rights: they solely crave power. If this is ever attempted in the U.S., or at least attempted to more of a degree than it has been, I do hope we don't quietly & passively submit.

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