Thursday, May 29, 2003

The Smallest Minority has a decent fisking of the VPC & it's statements about the Assault Weapons Ban.

"The Violence Policy Center, that [sarcasm] stalwart unbiased source of nothing but facts in the gun debate [/sarcasm] has a new scaremongering publication out:
Bullet Hoses: Semiautomatic Assault Weapons—What Are They? What's So Bad About Them?
There's this ten-point list of their EEEEEEVil features:
1. Semiautomatic assault weapons (like AK and AR-15 assault rifles and UZI and MAC assault pistols) are civilian versions of military assault weapons. There are virtually no significant differences between them.
Well, they're SEMI-automatic. I call that 'significant.'..."

Go read the rest of the list.

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