Tuesday, May 27, 2003

In Virginia, NRA backed candidate Jack Rollison attempts to demonize his pro-gun opponent as well as the GOA. David Codrea summarizes things quite nicely.

"With the June 10 primary fast approaching, it’s imperative that Virginia’s 52nd District gun-owning voters understand the danger Jack Rollison poses to their right to keep and bear arms.
In addition to stumping for the restaurant/bar gun ban, Rollison did not respond to the VCDL gun rights survey, and has been given a “D” voting grade by the group.
Not surprisingly, and in keeping with their well-established pattern, Rollison was given an “A-” rating by NRA in 1999. Despite this, he only voted correctly on two out of eight bills that came before him in the 2001 session (he cheesed out and didn’t vote on two, and voted against gun owners four times). As the VCDL ruefully admits: “Unfortunately, the rating that was LEAST likely to indicate how a Delegate would vote was an NRA "A" rating [emphasis in original]. Over a third of NRA ‘A’ rated Delegates cast votes more in line with Delegates with a ‘C’, ‘D’, or ‘F’ rating.”
And while NRA contributed generously to Rollison’s past campaigns, their Political Victory Fund has not yet lifted a finger to help Mr. Frederick."

Here is the press release in question from Rollison

Read the whole article by Mr. Codrea, as well as the Rollison press release. If you're a Virginian remember what you've read when you vote. & ask the NRA about it should they ask you for donations.

Update: KABA has some additional info about the NRA's support of Rollison

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