Saturday, May 31, 2003

J.J. Johnson rebutts a letter written by a TSA employee in defense of the TSA.

First, the TSA employee:

"Every passenger and every bag is being checked. That's why some 5.8 million prohibited items have been found, including 1,231 guns, 1.7 million knives, and 43,390 box cutters similar to those used by the Sept. 11 terrorists. That helps explain why a recent national poll found that three of four travelers feel safer as a result of stricter airport security."

Now, Mr. Johnson:

"And of the 5.8 million items confiscated by the TSA, you failed to itemized all the toe-nail clippers, finger-nail clippers, key chains, combs, bottle openers, baby bottles, and shaving razors. Nor do you include all the broken laptops, cell phones and pagers.
The Associated Press, New York Times, and a host of other internet publications have reported various cases of firearms getting through airport security.
But all of this is meaningless to those who use a recent national poll to support the fact that three of four travelers feel safer as a result of stricter airport security. I'm sure more accurate polling agencies, such as United Airlines, American Airlines, and U.S. Airways can provide statistics showing fewer people flying after the new TSA security measures.
Perhaps that explains why they are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.
Perhaps that explain why TSA employees are being laid off."

How would Glenn Reynolds put it???


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