Thursday, March 06, 2003

The Assault Weapons Ban. It's due to sunset in 2004. Time to start thinking about it & to let your reps know that they will lose your vote if they vote to keep it alive.
Some food for thought:

Assault Weapons Ban & public opinion.
I would point out that Armed Females of America is much too kind to the NRA: while its electoral guides are influential, the NRA has a poor record of picking pro-gun candidates. Please look here for more info. Although it deals mainly with the Brady Bill it also touches on the Assault Weapons Ban.

Sen. Fienstien upset that ban may actually sunset.

Anti-gun supporters worried that Ashcroft didn't confirm the Bush Administrations committment to keeping the ban.

Assault Weapons are essential to the militia.

A previous blog on the Assault Weapons Ban & Bush's support of same.

Remember, Bush is not the pro-gun messiah most people would like you to think he is. Neither can the Senators & Representatives be trusted. We must apply political pressure to keep Sen. Fienstien from extending this bill. So write, e-mail, & call your elected officials & remind them that if they vote to extend the Assault Weapons Ban, you'll vote to limit their political careers. As a matter of fact, suggest that they vote to repeal the damned thing now instead of waiting until 2004.

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