Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Most anti gunners claim we don't need weapons for self defense. The police will protect you. If someone in particular threatens you, get a restraining order.
That's what Omayra Soberal did. She's now in critical condition after being shot while in the back of a patrol car outside the police station where she filed a restraining order against a cop. Did I mention two cops were in the car when she was shot?

Think that's isolated? In Ohio a man was shot & killed while two cops were in the house.

Here's an article on the difficulty of obtaining & using protective orders.

A Wisconsin PD has arrived at the conclusion that individuals who file a protective order should be given alarms.

Of course when you can buy your way out of charges, then there's not much incentive to respect the restraining order.

Here's an article about the difficulties created when victims refuse to press charges in domestic violence cases.

Due to numerous socio-economic reasons, the police cannot protect an individual. In fact cases where victims of crime have sued various police departments for failing to protect them have been thrown out of court because the police are obligated to protect society as a whole & cannot be held accountable for every individual.
So whether you have positive or negative feelings about police officers & their role in society, just realize is that you must protect yourself.

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