Thursday, March 06, 2003

Baltimore passes law make sale of ammo illegal for non-dealers.

Here's a more detailed account.

"We aren't bashing stores who can legally sell ammunition and firearms, we are doing what is within our power, and is frankly our duty, to protect the lives and health of City residents,' stated Dr. Beilenson."

Nope, he's not bashing stores that can legally sell ammunition & firearms, he's outlawing them.

Sadly, in Maryland gun control groups, including some LEO's have a gun control package that looks like it could pass.

Here's an article on a possible confrontation in the legislature over the proposed gun control bills.

Gun control bills described as tools for law enforcement.

Editorial on proposed gun control in Maryland. Surpisingly it seems to be in favor of more gun control. I was shocked to find the media biased in such a way.

An article that briefly mentions Gov. Elrich's support of Project Exile. Look here for a previous blog with links to why Project Exile is not a good thing.

Gov. Elrich wasn't impressed by ballistic fingerprinting. At least as of Feb. 28th. Hopefully he'll stay unimpressed.

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