Tuesday, March 04, 2003


California is turning to E-Bay to dispose of items confiscated at airports.

"This (program) only expands as long as people don't leave these items at home," Deignan said. "This program could be over tomorrow ... This is not necessarily something we want to be in the business of doing."

Of course if California would stop trampling on the property rights of people the program could be over tomorrow as well.

A bill to ban all dove hunting has been introduced in the California legislature. Now maybe the Fuddites in Cali will wake up. Though I see them agreeing to go along with some other form of gun control, perhaps an affordable gun ban in exchange for leaving their hunting alone.

The sad part is this article on the non-voting habits of California gun owners.

Sen. Diane Feinstein is upset that a California gun enforcement official is being threatened with prosecution simply because he misused the National Instant Check System. She is palnning on question FBI director Robert Mueller on Tuesday about the Feds claims that California is not supposed to use the data base for anything other than checking backgrounds when someone purchases a firearm. California's stance has been that the law only prohibits gun dealers from using the system for other purposes. Attorney General Ashcroft has insisted that the NICS is only to be used for determining the eligibility of a person to purchase firearms & not for their gun confiscation programs.

My advice to people in California: Nevada, Arizona, Oregon or Revolution.

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