Tuesday, March 04, 2003

A compilation of proposed firearms bills in the 108th Congress thanks to our friends at GOA.
Please note HR 153(Paul-Tx.), HR 276 (Goode-Va.), HR 357 (Everett-Al.), & HR 648 (Wilson-SC?). I don't think it's a coincidence that Representatives from the southern & western states are proposing positive firearms legislation, as culturally firearms are much more acceptable in those places. Nor is it happenstance that the Sponsors of the bills mentioned are A or A+ rated by the GOA's system. Come elction time forget what the NRA says & consult GOA.
Also please note the lack of similar bills in the republican controlled Senate. & I do not count a bill that would protect off duty & retired cops across the nation while they're carrying concealed as a positive step. It's elitist in nature & reinforces the idea that governmental employees past & present have more rights than the citizens.
Most gun owners would think that a republican controlled government would mean they could relax on the gun control issue. I'm afraid it just ain't so.

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