Thursday, March 06, 2003

I'm not a fan of the cops only nationwide concealed carry bill currently in congress. Neither are the unions that represent the police chiefs. Although my reasoning is that every person, not just cops, should not be arrested for exercising their right to carry, even concealed. The police chiefs are the elitists of the elitists & fear anyone not under their direct control who is armed. I imagine if the bill was police chiefs & retired police chiefs only they'd support it. The bill is kind of a joke to begin with as 'professional courtesy' often negates the need for a cop to have a permit in other jurisdictions.

But while it's a good thing that this elitist bill has some opposition, let's not forget that the police chiefs mentioned are not opposing it because they feel the right to be armed applies to everyone regardless of present or past employment, they oppose it because it interferes with their concept of power.

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