Sunday, March 02, 2003

In Utah the Senate passed a bill that allows guns on school grounds. Now most people recoil at the thought, but the truth is that banning guns from school property only affects those who are law abiding. hence it does not keep someone from bringing a gun to school to commit murder. There's a law against murder & that doesn't stop murderers, hence a law against carrying guns on school wouldn't affect murderers either. But what it does do is prevent teachers & parents from being able to defend themselves against a murderer. There have been at least 2 school shootings that were stopped by armed civilians. In both cases they had to run to their cars parked off campus before they could stop the shooting. It's possible that the shootings which they stopped could have been stopped much sooner had they not had to go an excessive distance to retrieve their weapons. Likewise, school shootings like the one at Columbine High in Littleton Colorado could have been stopped or perhaps prevented entirely if the teachers &/or faculty were armed.
But of note in the article about guns on school property it notes the opponents to having guns on school grounds quoted from a supposed proponent of the right to arms:

"That rankled some Democrats who tried to change the bill to an outright ban on weapons in schools, except for those carried by law enforcement or school security. They even quoted at length from a National Rifle Association document that makes the argument that guns have absolutely no place in schools."

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& to make things even more confusing about the NRA, a Connecticut on line publication has the story about the upcoming NRA banquet to help fund various state shooting & gun control programs.

Please visit the GOA & JPFO links on the left. It's much more ecomomical to support a pro gun org that doesn't support gun control.

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