Tuesday, March 04, 2003

In Massachusetts the Governor is trying to increase state revenue. he's keeping his vow to not increase taxes & is instead calling them fees.

''...'I'm not going to try and be the dictionary here, in terms of defining the difference between a fee and a tax. For me, generally, a fee is something which applies to a subset of the population,' [Gov. Mitt] Romney said. 'A tax is something which is far more broadly applied.'
Not everyone agrees that the proposed fees are not taxes. The Gun Owners Action League said a proposed firearms registration fee increase from $25 to $75 is a tax.
'Romney said there's a difference. 'Taxes ... generally are not linked to a particular service,'' he said. 'Fees are typically associated with a specific service which generally is considered relatively voluntary.''

The seismic activity you feel in Mass is not an earthquake, but John, John Quincy, & Samuel Adams hitting high RPM's in their resting place.

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